Christina with one of her first puppies.

Christina bought her first retriever around 1980 and enjoyed raising several litters of puppies.  In 1983 she saw an add for Labrador pups with Field Champion lineage and purchased a yellow female that she named Sage. She saw a spark in Sage that inspired her to purchase books on Retriever Training and that eventually led her to professional trainer John Dahl.

John showed Christina what a working Field Champion looked like and told her that if she was serious about training a Retriever to the Championship level, she should purchase a well bred, Black Lab.

She took John's advice and purchased not one, but two black females that were to become very successful. They were La Thunder Rue (La Rue) and Pioneer Beautes Advantage (Beaute), both dogs went on to become Field Champions, Amateur Field Champions, Canadian Field Trial Champions and Canadian Amateur Field Trial Champions.

Christina's journey with Sage, who was trained to the level of Qualified All Age, and La Rue and Beaute, her two Field Champions was the greatest adventure of her life. She trained with some of our countries great and legendary Retriever trainers such as Rex Carr, Mike Lardy, Billy Sargenty, Jerry Patopea, Don Remien, and Bill Hillman while winning multiple Trials and qualifying for the Nationals.

Christina and her dogs have competed in 18 Nationals and they have been National Finalists 5 times. In 1995, both LaRue and Beaute were Finalists in the National that was held on Sauvie Island in Portland, Oregon, a feat which no amateur had accomplished in 24 years.

Now Christina has developed a paradise for Retrievers at Deerfield Farm.  Christina enjoys breeding the same quality dogs that took her to the Nationals and helps her clients train their dogs to whatever level of performance they desire, from well behaved family pet to Working Gun Dogs to Field Trials.  Christina considers Deerfield Farm a gift from God, and Pioneer Retriever Kennel a dream come true.

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