Christina with her 2 Field Champions Beaute and LaRue
(Where it all began)

Pioneer Kennel was inspired by the late FC/AFC/CFC/CAFC Pioneer Beaute's Advantage and FC/AFC/CFC/CAFC La Thunder Rue.  

Christina bought Deerfield Farm as a retirement haven for her two Champs and as a home for the many fine retrievers which would follow behind these two great dogs.

This aerial view shows the fenced in training field, complete with pond and varied terrain.

We offer Basic Obedience, Retriever Training for hunting and Field Trial Competition training by a Field Trial Champion trainer in a secure and safe fenced in environment, specifically designed to meet Field Trial Training requirements.
Christina learned her trade from some of the best trainers in the country including Rex Carr, Mike Lardy, Billy Sargenty, Jerry Patopea, Don Remien, Bill Hillman, John Dahl and many others.  Working with these great trainers resulted in accomplishing the dream of making Field Champs out of her  two dogs.   At Deerfield farm, Christina continues to do the work she truly loves to do.  Training dogs!

These photos represent a portion of the trophies and awards that Christina's well trained dogs have earned.

Although Christina is no longer  pursuing AKC field titles with her dogs,  she makes her considerable knowledge and talents available to you and your retriever.  She is available to train your dog to become a well behaved family pet, a hunting companion, or a field trial competitor.

Christina has several different approaches to training to accommodate your needs.  Short term training is available while boarding at the kennel, long term training for hunting, or you can join Christina with your dog in her training sessions.

Here is a testimony from one of our graduates:

From: Lee, Vivian [email address available on request]
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 2:09 PM
To: Christina C. Jones
Subject: testimony

Dear Christina,
We wanted to let you know how please[d] we are with Snoopy’s obedience training. The month he spent with you was incredibly successful – Snoopy is a different dog. He learned all of the basic commands and more and is now truly a fun member of the family. He knows how to sit, stay, come when called. He retrieves his bumper and can sit hold and drop and understands his job. We are continuing his training routine at home and it is working fantastic[ly]. Snoopy can walk on a leash and when we say “heel” he knows exactly what he is supposed to do. He also is no longer destructive in the house. He gained an understanding of appropriate boundaries. The neatest thing now is that we can play and have fun with him in a way we could not before. Snoopy is high spirited, and he came into our family when I was very ill and we could not give him the type of training and attention that he deserved. We were very worried that we would never have the “family member” that we so wanted in a dog. But because of your training with Snoopy, we have the pet we always wanted. When we came out to visit and pick Snoopy up, we were amazed as we watched you work with him. He had accomplished more than we hoped for. We are excited that he will spend time with you again this summer to continue his training. In fact each year when we travel we hope that Snoopy can spend that time with you. So despite the fact that we are two and a half hours away in Maryland, we know that the best training and boarding place for Snoopy is with you. Thank you for all your time, care and hard work. We look forward to seeing you in June.  All the best,
Courtland, Vivian and Snoopy Lee

To protect our customers privacy, complete name and address are provided only upon request.

Please call or e-mail for information regarding individual or group training sessions.  

Phone 540-877-2417 or

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