Pioneer Kimbuck Two, "Kimba"

Kimba, was selected out of one of Christina's favorite breedings. Pioneer Tara Two Shoes, "Tara", and  GMHRCH Deep Run Desperado MH, "Hombre" were bred 4 times.  Kimba was chosen out of the last litter in December of 2007.  One look at Kimba will tell you why the breeding was repeated so many times. Not only is Kimba a beautiful Labrador, but she also has the most pleasing temperament.  She is calm and pleasant to live with.  In the field, she is a very focused retriever.  She simply has it all, including a great pedigree with 20 out of 30 titled ancestors on her 4 generation pedigree.  Kimba weighs between 75 and 80lbs.


  Kimba's newest litter is here, they were born on 10/21/14 and will be available for adoption just in time for Christmas.

This is Kimba's fourth and final litter.  All of the previous litters have been with Floyd as the sire and as you can see by the pictures below, they have produced some great litters.  The new litter was born on October 21st and  ready for adoption by Christmas.  They can be picked up from 12/9/14 to 12/23/14.  More photos of the newest litter at two days old, are directly below.  The next two are at 1 week old, and then if you scroll down further you can see some of her previous litters.

There are 6 females and 5 males.  They will be 7 weeks old December 9th.  They can be picked up between the 9th and the 23rd of December.  The selection process will occur during the last two weeks in November except the last two puppies of each sex.  Customers of these puppies can select their puppy on the day of pick up but must remain in the order of deposit.


Here are a couple of pictures at 1 week old.

Please check back in a few weeks for more photos of this beautiful litter.

Below is a photo of Kimba and Floyd's most recent previous litter.



Below are some pictures of previous litters, including the one that arrived during Hurricane Sandy and were available just in time for Christmas.


Below are some pictures of Kimba's previous litters.


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